Organization Chart

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Research Divisions Division of Infectious Disease Department of Molecular Bacteriology
Department of Viral Infections
Department of Molecular Virology
Department of Immunoparasitology
Department of Infection Microbiology
Institute for Advanced Co-Creation Studies
Division of Host Defense Department of Molecular Immunology
Department of Host Defense
Department of Immunochemistry
Department of Immune Response Dynamics
Laboratory of Immunoglycobiology
Division of Cellular and Molecular Biology Department of Molecular Microbiology
Department of Oncogene Research
Department of Signal Transduction
Department of Cellular Regulation
Department of Homeostatic regulation
Special Research Facilities Animal Resource Center for Infectious Diseases -
Genome Information Research Center Department of Experimental Genome Research
Department of Genome Informatics
Department of Infection Metagenomics
The Next-Generation Sequencing Core Facility at Genome Information Research Center
Network Administrator's Office
Research Center for Infectious Disease Control Department of Bacterial Infections
Department of Molecular Protozoology
Department of Virology
Laboratory of Virus Control
International Research Center for Infectious Diseases Laboratory of Pathogen Detection and Identification
Laboratory of Emerging Viral Diseases
Laboratory of Viral Dynamism Research
Pathogenic Microbes Repository Unit
AMED Center for Aging research Research Center for Mechanism and Regulation of Aging Division of Aging Model Organism
Division of Cellular Senescence
Research Collaboration Center in Overseas Research Collaboration Center for Infectious Diseases Section of Bacterial Infections
Section of Viral Infections
Section of Bacterial Drug Resistance Research
Section of Antiviral Research
Mahidol-Osaka Center for Infectious Diseases
Endowed Chair - Department of Malaria Vaccine Development
Department of Cellular Immunology
Research Alliance Laboratories BIKEN Innovative Vaccine Research Alliance Laboratories Vaccine Creation Group
Virus Vaccine Group
Common Research Facilities Central Instrumentation Laboratory -
Radioisotope Laboratory -
Central Laboratory for Biological Hazardous Microbes -
Administration and Research Support General Affairs Section・Accounting Section・Research Cooperation Section -
Office for Research Promotion -