Yoshioka Lab/BIKEN Innovative Vaccine Research Alliance Laboratories  Vaccine Creation Group

Most protein antigens such as non-living macromolecules or protein-subunit antigens evoke weak or undetectable adaptive immune responses. Therefore, to develop effective vaccines it is necessary to develop vaccine adjuvants and antigen delivery carriers. In addition, to develop optimal (in terms of efficacy and safety) vaccines for clinical application, it is important to understand the mechanism by which vaccines act on the immune system. In this regard, our research is focused on optimizing vaccines through drug delivery systems and safety science. Our specific research projects are:
1) Development of vaccine adjuvants using comprehensive screening methods.
2) Development of antigen delivery carriers and adjuvants using nanotechnology.
3) To use these adjuvants and delivery carriers to develop vaccines for infectious diseases.


  • SA Prof. : Yasuo Yoshioka (concur.)
  • SA Assoc. Prof.: Toshiro Hirai (concur.)



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