For Students and Researchers who wants to study in RIMD

RIMD is one of the world’s foremost institute in immunology, microbiology and cancer research. We also conduct research in various bioscience related fields including gene engineering, genomic science and bioinformatics. We welcome motivated grad-students and researchers from around the world.

The way to join RIMD would be different depends on the situation. Candidate for grad-school students or post-docs may need to decide the lab to join and then ask PIs how to belong to RIMD.

The Orientation and lab tour would be held in May every year. Please check our website for detail.

RIMD/IFReC Joint Orientation and Lab tour

At RIMD, there are various scientists

RIMD provides our own scholarships for international students, Taniguchi scholarship. 3 grad students from Indonesia (2 students in master’s course, 1 student in doctoral course) are studying in RIMD on this scholarship.