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  The Central Instrumentation Laboratory was established in 1959. When equipment was lacking in many laboratories, researchers brought their machines together and co-operated with each other. Now, various pieces of precision apparatus and high performance machines are available in the laboratory at all times. These include ultracentrifuges, transmission and scanning electron microscopes, a Biacore system, cell analyzer/sorters, an DNA sequencers, and mass spectrometers. Also, large cell storage tanks equipped with automatic liquid nitrogen supply systems and a specified chemical treatment room are also present. In addition, professional technicians are employed to maintain and manage these devices, as well as to provide services, education, and training for newcomers. They also provide in-house services such as cell sorting, mass spectrometry-based protein identification, electron microscope image capture, and DNA sequencing. As experimental machines become more and more complicated, the services provided by specialist staff are essential for ongoing research at the institute.

  • Central Instrumentation Laboratory staffs


  • Head, Prof.: Tohru Ishitani(concur.)
  • Assoc. Prof.: Shinji Higashiyama
  • SA Researcher: Akinori Ninomiya