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Researchers in RIMD are supported by administrative functions at Office for Research Promotion. The aim of this office is to promote communication among researchers and to develop human resources with expertise in scientific research. The Office also engages in public communications, to translate RIMD research achievements to the public.


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The researchers invited from other institutes will give the seminars on the current expertise in the field of immunology and microbiology.

In the symposiums, leading scientists in the areas of bacteriology, immunology, parasitology, and virology from abroad and Japan present the cutting-edge of the recent results and freely discuss in the relaxed environment of the Awaji Island.

International Symposium of The Institute Network

Orientation and Lab Tour for RIMD and IFReC for candidates of graduate schools/postdoctoral positions.

Public communications and outreach

This Office works for providing accurate information about our discoveries.

Institutional Research By archiving our research data and activities, we try to objectl evaluate the institute's achievements.
Taniguchi Scholarship: International Students Scholarship Program A scholarship program for Students from ASEAN countries to study at RIMD as graduate students and provide leadership and support to become independent researchers.


  • A Seminar for RIMD researchers

  • Awaji International Forum on Infection and Immunity

  • RIMD booklets and newspapers


  • Head, Prof.: Ikawa Masahito(concur.)
  • Assoc. Prof.: Ryo Iwamoto
  • SA Assoc.Prof.:Saya Nakagomi
  • SA Academic Policy Researcher: Kaori Nagato