April 2020- October 2020 Biken Monthly Seminar Rotation

March 19, 2020

Events and Seminars

Biken Monthly Seminar

The fourth Tuesday of each month except January, August & December, 4:00 - 5:00 pm.

*This is a credit recognition seminar for the Masters and Doctoral Degree Programs of the Graduate School of Medicine.

**The seminar has been certified as a newly appointed researcher training program as part of the Osaka University Faculty Development.

Count Date Host Research Group Lab head Chair

[ Canceled ]


Lymphocyte Differentiation (IFReC) Tomohiro Kurosaki Sugiko Watanabe
(Dept. of Molecular Microbiology)

Endwed Chair Dept. of Cellular Immunology

Taiki Aoshi

[ Canceled ]


Dept. of Experimental Genome Research Masahito Ikawa Katsumori Segawa
(Biochemistry & Immunology)
  Institute for Advanced Co-Creation Studies Toru Okamoto
592 2020.06.23(Tue) Dept. of Molecular Virology Yoshiharu Matsuura Masako Kohyama
(Dept. of Immunochemistry)

Dept. of Genome Informatics

Daron M. Standley

593 2020.07.28(Tue) Dept. of Immunoparasitology Masahiro Yamamoto Shigeyuki Nada
(Dept. of Oncogene Research)
  Dept. of Immunochemistry Hisashi Arase
594 2020.09.29(Tue) Dept. of Viral Infections Tatsuo Shioda Kazutaka Kato
(Dept. of Genome Informatics)
  Dept. of Molecular Microbiology Eiji Hara
595 2020.10.27(Tue) Host Defense (IFReC) Shizuo Akira Takeshi Inoue
(Lymphocyte Differentiation(IFReC))
  Dept. of Molecular Bacteriology Yasuhiko Horiguchi

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