Bioscience and Diseases

This program is for the undergraduate students (mainly first-year students).
You learn how the basic medical researches are actually applied to the medical care, understand the progress of the modern medicine, and acquire consciousness for the possibilities of the bioscience in the general public.

Bioscience and Diseases 2020

Spring and Summer Term   Fri.(8:50-10:20)

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Date Lecturers Title
1 5/8 Sho Yamasaki How can we sense pathogens?
2 5/15 Sugiko Watanabe DNA repair pathways in human biology and disease
3 5/22 Shigeyuki Nada Survival strategy of cancer cells
4 5/29 Yasuhiko Horiguchi Bacterial protein toxins involved in pathogenesis of infectious diseases
5 6/5 Takahiro Tougan The Basic Science of Malaria
6 6/12 Takeshi Miwa How to create genetically modified organism (GMO)
7 6/19 Masahito Ikawa Genome editing and its application in life science
8 6/26 Hisashi Arase Interaction between immune system and pathogens
9 7/3 Nobuyuki Takakura Molecular mechanism of angiogenesis
10 7/10 Taiki Aoshi Immunological understanding of vaccine
11 7/17 Eiji Hara Roles and mechanisms of cellular senescence in cancer and aging
12 7/31 Hiroaki Miki What is cancer?
Examination 7/31~ Ryo Iwamoto Examination

Fall and Winter Term   Wed.2(10:30-12:00)

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Date Lecturers Title
1 10/7 Ryo Iwamoto Growth factors and related diseases
2 10/14 Tohru Ishitani Small fish imaging unravels novel mechanisms of human disease
3 10/21 Toru Okamoto Virus pathogenesis in host
4 10/28 Masahiro Yamamoto Toxoplasma Immunoparasitology
5 11/4 Emi Nakayama HIV and AIDS
6 11/11 Nakamura Shota The gut microbiota and disease
7 11/18 Masaharu Iwasaki Virus reverse genetics
8 11/25 Daisuke Yamazaki Cancer invasion and metastasis
9 12/2 Yasuo Yoshioka Vaccines for infectious diseases
10 12/9 Tetsuya Iida Food poisoning
11 12/16 Naohisa Goto Computational genome research
12 12/23 Yusuke Maeda Glycobiology and diseases
13 1/6 Hitomi Mimuro Infection strategy of the gastrointestinal bacterial pathogens
14 1/13 Norikazu Yabuta Cell cycle and cancer progression
Examination 1/20 Ryo Iwamoto Examination
15 1/27 (Spare day)