The 570th Biken Monthly Seminar on Sep. 26th

September 12, 2017

Events and Seminars

  Title Speaker Affiliation



Arid5a expression is induced through MYD88-independent pathway in response to TLR4 stimulation in IFNγ-sensitized human macrophages

Hozaifa Metwally

Immune Regulation/ IFReC

Title   2

A novel technique to quantify extracellular trap release

Patrick Lelliott

Laboratory of Malaria Immunology / IFReC



Chairman:Kazuhiko Maeda (Host Defense)

Date: Tuesday, Sep. 26, 2017, 4-5pm
Venue: Taniguchi Memorial Hall (1F, Integrated Life Science Building)




Contact: Ryo Iwamoto / Aya Imura
Office of Combined Program on Microbiology and Immunology, RIMD
TEL: 8320 or 8260
E-mail: suishinr* (Please replace * with @)




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