Oct. 2018-Sept. 2019 Biken Monthly Seminar Rotation

October 10, 2018

Events and Seminars

Biken Monthly Seminar

The fourth Tuesday of each month except January, August & December, 4:00 - 5:00 pm.

*This is a credit recognition seminar for the Masters and Doctoral Degree Programs of the Graduate School of Medicine.

**The seminar has been certified as a newly appointed researchers training program as part of the Osaka University Faculty Development.

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Count Date Host Research Group Lab head Chair
580 2018.10.23 (Tue) Department of Molecular Protozoology Toshihiro Horii Takeshi Inoue
(Lymphocyte Differentiation, IFReC)
  Department of Immunoparasitology Masahiro Yamamoto
581 2018.11.27 (Tue) Vaccine Science (IFReC) Ken J. Ishii Shigeru Hashimoto
(Immune Regulation, IFReC)
  Department of Viral Infections Tatsuo Shioda
582 2019.2.26 (Tue) Department of Molecular Microbiology Eiji Hara Takasuke Fukuhara
(Department of Molecular Virology)
  Department of Genome Informatics Daron M. Standley
583 2019.3.26 (Tue) Mucosal Vaccine Project (IFReC) Shintaro Sato Takashi Satoh
(Department of Host Defense)
  Department of Molecular Immunology Sho Yamasaki
584 2019.4.23 (Tue) Department of Cellular Regulation Hiroaki Miki Yusuke Maeda
(Department of Molecular Virology)

Department of Infection Microbiology

Department of Homeostatic regulation

Hitomi Mimuro

Thoru Ishitani

585 2019.5.28 (Tue) Malaria Immunology(IFReC) Cevayir Coban Norikazu Yabuta
(Department of Oncogene Research)
  Yabumoto Department of Intractable Disease Research Taroh Kinoshita
586 2019.6.25 (Tue) Department of Oncogene Research Masato Okada

Takeshi Miwa
(Genome Information Research Center)

Emi Nakayama
(Department of Viral Infection)

  Immune Regulation Tadamitsu Kishimoto
587 2019.7.23 (Tue) Department of Virology Takeshi Kobayashi

Emi Nakayama
(Department of Viral Infection)

Takeshi Miwa
(Genome Information Research Center)

  Laboratory of Pathogen Detection and Identification Shota Nakamura
588 2019.9.24 (Tue) Laboratory of Emerging Viral Diseases Masaharu Iwasaki Kazuhiko Maeda
(Host Defense)
  Biochemistry & Immunology Shigekazu Nagata

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