[Internal Event] The 622nd Biken Monthly Seminar on October 24

October 3, 2023

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Requirement for optimal BCR signal strength in efficient positive selection of germinal center (GC) B cells 
Tomohiro Kurosaki(Lymphocyte Differentiation, IFReC)
Title2 Developing a small animal trauma model for osteonecrosis of the femoral head (ONFH) and elucidation of the molecular mechanisms behind ONFH
Bal Zeynep(Department of Signal Transduction)

※This seminar will be held face-to-face at the Taniguchi Memorial Hall. 


Chair:Shigeki Adachi  (Department of Cellular Immunology)


Date:Tuesday, October 24 2023, 4-5 pm


*The first presentation will be conducted in Japanese and the second will be conducted in English.
*This is a credit recognition seminar for the Master and Doctoral Degree Programs of the Graduate School of Medicine.
*The seminar is certified as a newly appointed researchers training program as part of the Osaka University Faculty Development.



Contact: Ryo Iwamoto

Office for Research Promotion, RIMD

TEL: 8320 

E-mail: suishin*biken.osaka-u.ac.jp (Please replace * with @)


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