[Dec,16th]RIMD Annual Seminar and Biken Reunion General Assembly 2022

December 1, 2022

Events and Seminars

Date: Friday, December 16, 2022


Venue: Taniguchi Memorial Hall, Integrated Life Science Building, Suita Campus, Osaka University, and ONLINE*
 *The Seminar will be held face-to-face (up to 100 people) and online.
If you would like to participate online, please contact us at the email as below. 
suishin*biken.osaka-u.ac.jp(Please replace * with @.)

■Research Achievement Meeting in 2022

Chair: Prof. Eiji Hara, Evaluation Committee


  • 13:00~13:10
    Opening Remarks   Prof. Masato Okada, RIMD Director
  • 13:10~13:55

    “Structural basis for colonization of enteric pathogens ”

    SA Assoc. Prof. Shota Nakamura, Laboratory of Pathogen Detection

  • 13:55~14:40

    “Novel control mechanisms of lymphocyte trafficking ”

    Prof. Kazuhiro Suzuki, Department of Immune Response Dynamics

  • 14:40~15:25

    “Regulation of immune homeostasis via lipid/metabolite-sensing receptors ”

    Prof. Sho Yamasaki, Department of Molecular Immunology

  • 15:25~15:50

 ■The Biken Academic Seminar

Chair: Prof. Nobuyuki Takakura, Department of Signal Transduction

  • 15:50~16:00
    Opening Remarks   Prof. Masato Okada, RIMD Director
  • 16:00~17:00

    “Next generation disease modeling driven by organoid technology ”

    Toshiro Sato

    Professor, Organoid Medicine, Sakaguchi Laboratory, Keio University School of Medicine

  • 17:00~17:10

  ■Biken Reunion General Assembly