2021 Awards List

December 2, 2021


Prize Prize Winner / Group Department Year / Month

The Young Scientists' Award, The 2021 Commendation for Science and Technology by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

Haruhiko Miyata Dept. of Experimental Genome Research 202104

The 2021 Ando-Tajima Award, Japanese Association for Laboratory Animal Science

Masahito Ikawa Dept. of Experimental Genome Research 202105

The 2021 Ichiro Miyazaki Prize, Kaibara Morikazu Medical Science Promotion Foundation Award 

Toshihiro Horii Dept. of Malaria Vaccine Development 202110

Sugiura Incentive Award, The Japanese Society for Virology

Masaharu Iwasaki Laboratory of Emerging Viral Diseases 202111

The First Prize of the 58th Baelz Prize

Hisashi Arase Dept. of Immunochemistry 202112

The 6th ICSA Conference Young Investigator Award

Yukinari Haraoka Dept. of Homeostatic Regulation 202112

The 5th Osamu Hayaishi Memorial Prize

Taroh Kinoshita Laboratory of Immunoglycobiology 202112

Best Poster Award, The 4th COI Academic Exchange Meeting 

Daisuke Motooka  Dept. of Infection Metagenomics 202202

Iskra Incentive Award, Isamu Tagaya Memorial Vaccine Research 

Tokiko Watanabe Dept. of Molecular Virology 202202

The 2021 NIKON JOICO AWARD Runner-up Prize

Daiji Kiyozumi Dept. of Experimental Genome Research 202203

Kuroya Scholarship Award, Japanese Society for Bacteriology

Ryuichiro Abe Dept. of Bacterial Infections 202203

The 3rd Toyoichi Otawara Memorial Award 

Taroh Kinoshita Laboratory of Immunoglycobiology 202203