Fifty-four mouse testis-enriched genes are not needed for male fertility (Ikawa-Lab in PNAS)

June 28, 2016


Drs Ikawa, Miyata, Fujiwara et al. have discovered that 54 of the mouse testis-enriched genes that also are expressed in humans are not necessary for male fertility. This is a collaborative project with researchers from Baylor College of Medicine, University of Oulu and the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute.
Knowing which genes are not involved in male fertility is important because it allows scientists not to invest further financial, laboratory and human resources researching these genes. Dr. Ikawa said “I believe that researchers should concentrate on the essential genes first to get the big picture before spending grant funds and devoting significant efforts”.
The article was electrically published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences online Early Edition on June 29, 2016.

Press Release from Osaka University (PDF, Japanese)

Press Release from Baylor College of Medicine

The article in PNAS website

Dept of Experimental Genome Research (Ikawa Lab)