Timing matters for dendritic cell signaling (Yamasaki Lab, in Sci. Signal.)

Dendritic cells detect pathogens through pattern recognition receptors, which generate distinct changes in gene expression and cytokine production, even when the receptors signal through the common subunit FcRg. Watanabe et al. uncovered how two receptors for different mycobacterial components, Dectin-2 and Mincle, can generate divergent dendritic cell responses through FcRg (see also the Focus by Blamberg and Lang). In contrast to the constitutively expressed Dectin-2, which generated strong signaling through FcRg shortly after stimulation, Mincle expression was induced after stimulation and signaling was delayed. The Dectin-2 gene expression and cytokine profile was mimicked by constitutively expressed Mincle or a chimeric FcRg receptor stimulated in a robust, sustained fashion. Thus, the kinetics of FcRg signaling determines the changes in gene expression and cytokine output that occur in dendritic cells in response to receptor stimulation.


This Article was published in Science Signaling on March 8, 2023.

Title: “The kinetics of signaling through the common FcRγ chain determine cytokine profiles in dendritic cells”

Authors: Miyuki Watanabe, Daisuke Motooka and Sho Yamasaki