Dianita Susilo Saputri (D4)Department of Genome Informatics

Q1 Please tell us about your current role.

I am a Moslem, a daughter, a wife, and also a PhD student in Department of Genome Informatics (Daron’s Lab), Graduate School of Medicine.

Q2 What is the focus of your Research?

Antibody repertoire analysis. I am studying human antibody response to diseases and how they can be used for better prevention and cure.

Q3 Why did you choose RIMD?

I’ve been interested in human immunity and infectious disease since I studied at medical school in Universitas Indonesia. Being inspired by the Professors and my seniors in RIMD, I tried to apply for scholarship here and got accepted. Alhamdulillah

Q4 Do you think RIMD is a good place to study science?

Yes. I think RIMD is a nice place for those who have big curiosity in life science. You can find and use a lot of cutting-edge technologies. You can also meet many kind-hearted Professors and warm colleagues to share and discuss your thoughts!

Q5 What do you enjoy most about what you do?

I love to learn something new. Whenever an experiment or a code works after long way of error, it’s very exciting and addictive!

Q6 What do you do on a typical day?

Dating my computer, doing some wet experiments, reading books/papers, exercising, disturbing Daron/other lab members with my very trivial questions of coding/experiment, and chatting with friends/family.

Q7 What are the best and worst things about your life in Japan?


Got new friends whom I consider them as family.


It breaks my heart whenever my family got sick and I can’t be there for them.

Q8 What advice would you give for those wanting to study at RIMD?

If you were interested in something invisible (not a ghost but some molecular things happening inside your body), don’t be hesitate to make RIMD as your home. Nothing is too hard to pass. When there is a will, there will be a way.