Julio M.Castaneda (SA Asst. Prof. )Department of Experimental Genome Research

Q1 Please tell us about your current role.

I am an assistant professor in the laboratory of Dr. Masahito Ikawa in the Department of Experimental Genome Research (EGR). EGR is a department within RIMD at Osaka University.

Q2 What is the focus of your Research?

My research focuses on identifying genes involved in fertility using the CRISPR/Cas9 system. Our lab utilizes the mouse model to clarify the function of genes in spermatogenesis. Through my work I have been able to characterize the function of Tcte1 and Tcp11, two genes that are involved in sperm motility. I have also characterized the function of Fam209, a gene important for the development of sperm morphology. I am currently working on other genes that I hope to publish in the near future.

Q3 Why did you choose RIMD?

I chose to work at RIMD because it has a history of performing cutting edge science with great facilities and staff to support researchers.

Q4 Do you think RIMD is a good place to study science?

RIMD is a great place to study because of the great facilities that help you further your research aims. Also, my colleagues are very supportive with any trouble I encounter, and they also provide great feedback on the direction and results of my research.

Q5 What do you enjoy most about what you do?

I enjoy working on novel genes, genes whose function are unknown. Designing and performing the experiments and then interpreting the results (when the experiments work) is the most exciting part of my work.

Q6 What do you do on a typical day?

A typical day may include planning and performing experiments, reading articles, proof reading manuscripts from my colleagues in lab, and peer reviewing articles from journals.

Q7 What are the best and worst things about your life in Japan?


Traveling to different parts of Japan and exploring its culture and history is special.



Being far away from family and old friends can be difficult, but making new acquaintances helps.

Q8 What advice would you give for those wanting to study at RIMD?

Don’t be afraid to ask for help or advice from colleagues and staff. Everyone here wants you to succeed in your science and many mentors will offer advice and direction about your future career. Also, make sure to experience Japan…it truly is a remarkable place.