Li Songling (Assoc. Prof. )Department of Genome Informatics

Q1 Where are you from? Which part of your country?

Shanghai China

Q2 Do you have brothers or sisters?


Q3 Please tell us your favorite Things.

Book: Crayon Shin-chan

Movie: Crayon Shin-chan

Food: xiaolongbao

Place: Osaka

Sports: in-line skate

Q4 What is your hobby? Are you into something now?

Crafting Vacuum tube amplifier

Q5 What did you do for club activities and lessons, etc. when you were a teenager ?

in-line skate club

Q6 What was the most enthusiastic thing when you were in university ?

studying molecular biology

Q7 How did you get into the career of researcher?

I felt that it’s more interesting to understand the nature of life.

Q8 Please tell us about the moment when you got most excited on researching.

Fix a bug in script and get expected result.