Daron M. Standley (Prof.)Department of Genome Informatics

Q1 Where are you from? Which part of your country?

I am from the United States. I was born in the Seattle area and later moved to New York. My hometown was a very remote place. We could not see other houses or watch American television.

Q2 Do you have brothers or sisters?

One older brother.

Q3 Please tell us your favorite things.

Book: The Long Goodbye (Raymond Chandler)

Movie: The Big Lewbowski

Food: Bi Bim Bab ビビンバ

Place: New York City

Sports: judo or boxing

Q4 What is your hobby? Are you into something now?

Writing short stories, when I have time.

Q5 What did you do for club activities and lessons, etc. when you were a teenager ?

I did not participate in club activities in junior high school and I did not attend high school because I dropped out in order to work at a Mexican Restaurant in Seattle.

Q6 What was the most enthusiastic thing when you were in university ?

Actually, I just studied at the university because I had wasted several years working at low-paying jobs like Bicycle Messenger, Construction Worker, Dishwasher, etc.

Q7 How did you get into the career of researcher?

My intention was to study art, but I failed my first painting class.

Q8 Please tell us about the moment when you got most excited on researching.

After failing my painting class, I wandered around the school looking for a class at the same time. I found a classroom where the teacher was very animated—throwing chalk and running around the desks. It turned out to be an astronomy class. I decided to try it, even though I had not taken the prerequisite mathematics. I did my best and remained interested in all kinds of science since then.